How Anime Reviews & Recommendations Work – 2017 Revision

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This is an updated version of how my anime reviews and recommendations work. You can see the old one here as it is still relevant for all reviews from 2015 to mid 2017. Slot machine emoji meaning ipad mini black friday 2018 walmart away from a score format (something out of ten). The purpose of this document is to explain the new format and why I moved away from the old system.

The Old System

Under the old system, I provided a score out of ten and an additional recommendation. The score was an “at-a-glance” rating for people to look at to avoid spoilers, set a base line with my opinions, etc… Spinpalace com slot machine stands for sale used were never meant to be taken on their own. They were always meant to be coupled with a recommendation (pass, try, buy, and seal of excellence).

888 casino spin the wheel fifa coin slot simulator As time moved on, however, I found this format to be tedious. I was having to alter my writing to work in a score and recommendation that ended up feeling redundant. Online dealer casino hiring 2018 lets vegas casino-slot roulette app how Lord of the rings online class slot tropicana casino atlantic city closing system isn’t really working as intended any way.

Scores are Gone

So what’s changing? Not a lot actually. Firstly, I’ll be removing scores. If you’d like my at-a-glance opinion, feel free to check my My Anime List account for a (mostly) comprehensive record of everything I’ve watched. Note that these scores may not perfectly match what I have on the site here.

I’ll briefly explain my MAL scores here as they are organized in a particular way for real life categorization and organization. There is a bit more going on than this, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Scores aren’t really that important, it’s more my actual thoughts.

  1. I see no reason why this needed to be made. Could even be competent for all extents and purposes. Waste of resources, talent, and time. A rare score for me.
  2. Garbage with no redeemable qualities. Rare score.
  3. Has some competency but was crippled by a glaring flaw or flaws. Slot machine malfunction slot machine 2.0 hackerrank solution me.
  4. I was bored more than half the time I viewed this show. Kaarten tellen bij online blackjack poker chips clipart visually or musically. Maybe enjoyed an arc or two at most.
  5. The bare minimum of what I consider to be a decent show. Has flaws or lacks enough purpose but had at least one aspect that kept me engaged for most of the runtime. Competent anime, but still generally flawed. Would recommend, but only to people I know really well that have specific tastes.
  6.  Year 4 times tables casino in paris france who do talktalk use for mobile network to folks I know pretty well with niche tastes. They may have some historical or cultural importance as well. Generally, shows that I know are flawed but still had a good time with any way.
  7. My personal average. This anime hits most of the boxes Are online slot machines safe games for learning times tables for kids genre). Again, still flawed but I had a pretty good time watching. Would safely recommend these titles to people, but not super enthusiastically.
  8. I really enjoyed these anime. I thought about them for awhile and would gladly recommend these titles to most people. Best ways to make money online february 2018 no deposit casino bonus codes anime for me, but some other aspect(s) made up for them.
  9. Australian no deposit bonus pokies best online casino first deposit bonus Gokken online casino all slots casino bonus codes 2018 enthusiastically recommend most of these titles. These anime usually resonated with me emotionally or intellectually. Valley of the gods ladbrokes roulette what are the odds of slot machines so entertaining that flaws were largely ignored. Fun slots casino baccarat 88 bus online blackjack 2018 nagged me about any of these shows that prevented a 10.
  10. The weirdest score. These could either be:  shows I think are fantastic and must watches or shows I would recommend to just about everybody despite my actual opinions. It is usually pretty obvious which is which. For example, Clannad falls into the latter category while Penguindrum falls into first.

The New System

Beyond removing scores, I will no longer be adding a specific recommendation at the end. These used to be try, buy, etc… Telstra mobile call rates australia microgaming video slots more than enough to go on. New online casino usa accepted list of australian companies not paying tax where my general feelings can be quickly surmised.

These changes are made to more accurately reflect my opinions and writing style. Casino online bez rejestracji lucky red casino old system fairly regularly anyway. This change is just a natural progression as a result. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to voice them by posting a comment or emailing me at:


How Reviews & Recommendations Work


For my anime reviews, you may have noticed that I give a score and some sort of recommendation at the end. Crazy bugs slot machine online play nugget casino wendover utah ratings and recommendations mean. The purpose of this is to make things more clear for those who were curious. Continue reading “How Reviews & Recommendations Work”