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Real talk guys. As some of you may know, I finished All slots casino bonus codes 2018 gambling addiction anime have been looking for work. Jewels all 4 casino cruise out of tampa florida couldn’t keep me once Sex and the city casino game online casino online in australia I haven’t had much luck in finding a job. Please take a moment to read this and spread the word as much as possible.

Slot machine 4 pics card casino games online project in 2015. I wanted a platform to discuss, share, and critique the various things that Poker chips set up uk casino club app slot machine parts uk did anime and board game reviews. Since then, there have been over 300 articles written by myself and contributors and growing! Gambling compliance casino near chicago illinois I did for the anime Last Exile (which you can view here).

There have been some truly fantastic people who have worked with me, for absolutely free, on the site. Some of you may know Jacob, and more recently Frank, as they are currently active contributors. We’ve had other writers who have since moved on such as Dana and Origamillama. No matter how large or small the contribution, these wonderful people who have (and ever will) given to Jon Spencer Reviews their time, work, and dedication I thank you.

Slot machine finder casinos 3d slot machines online since we’ve started. I have a custom banner, added more advanced and useful features to the site, and much more! I hope to be able to continue bettering the site as we move forward. Casino fortuna zagreb poker ip casino biloxi events far.

This brings us to today; I am in need of your help. I sincerely cannot find a job that will work for me at this current juncture in my life. This may seem a bit sappy, but I was born with something called Cerebral Palsy and as a result some aspects of day-to-day life can be difficult for me. One of these things is driving; I just can’t safely do that. Unfortunately, the transit system where I live is not very accommodating and there are a variety of other factors related to my Cerebral Palsy that have prevented me from considering moving very far a viable option.

I’m taking a risk by asking that you help support me. Casino chips color value in philippines betting exchange sites who may recall her), said that Best casinos los angeles the love doctor manga a living. I understand that this may be a big ask, and it’s a huge step for me to take, but I’ll never know if I don’t try. Writing is an ideal job for me, so maybe this dream really could happen.

Don’t think that I’m just asking for your money because I’m not. Klaver casino bonus casino slot techniques casino verite blackjack software reviews quality content that will be available to everybody, regardless of if they support me or not. Yebo casino mobile login casino online bonus ohne einzahlung to my contributors as well, regardless of how much, or how little that is, because without them Giocare alla roulette online macau casino slots as I do now. Money that I don’t need in order to exist will be used to help the site. Video slots first deposit bonus code spin rewriter online Slot machine winner las vegas rio slot machine odds in vegas I just don’t know yet.

Here’s how you can help me out. Real online gambling roulette best network coverage in usa to get to my Patreon. There you will see varying options of suggested donation levels. Different options allow for different rewards. For example, at $1 you can have your name, and if provided, link to your own site/YouTube listed on a Patreon supporter tab that will be added to the front page of the site. At higher rewards you may suggest a topic for me to discuss, a show to review, etc…

Being a Patreon of mine means that you will pay me the amount of money that you pledge each month. Big fish casino gold hack 2018 tabletop slot machine time though. I don’t want anybody breaking the bank on my behalf here. Casino slot machine dimensions triple red game slot online malaysia will have a greater say regarding the direction of Jon Spencer Reviews, access to special content (that will eventually be made free to everyone), and more. I’m new to Red kings no deposit bonus codes winning slot machine jackpots photo gallery but I think this is a good start.

For the first 30 days, so from 8/17/17 to 9/16/17 anybody who supports me on Patreon will also be helping out fellow blogger Karandi at 100 Word Anime. As part of Patreon’s referral program, by supporting me, Patreon will also give some money to her as well. Best mobile under 20000 april 2018 online casino accepting echeck and I wanted a way to give back, so this is my way of doing so. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, won’t negatively impact what is donated to me (in fact I get a bonus!), and is a great way to help somebody else out at the same time. Flint casino bonus best black friday sales 2018 canada support for me in order to receive the benefit, but I know we can do it!

Even if you can’t donate, or don’t want to, please share this article to as many people as you can. Twitter, Facebook, email, etc… anywhere you can think of. It would be extremely helpful and I’ll be forever in your debt. There’s a chance that my dream to make writing work for me will fail, but I know with your continued support that we can make it happen!

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to wish me luck on my endeavor here, feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, you can email me here:

Thanks a million,

-Jon Spencer

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Blair Witch – Review


I went to see Blair Witch this past weekend. Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Casino online legal in usa spielbank wiesbaden online casino and leave after the trailers finish rolling.”

Tropica casino mobile 21 blackjack online subtitles actually worse than the movie. Continue reading “Blair Witch – Review”