King’s Game & The 7 Stages of Grief

Dearly Beloved…

For my initial thoughts, take a look at when I did my first impressions article for the Fall 2017 anime season.

I had high hopes for King’s Game but was ultimately let down. Wild lucky no deposit bonus codes dreams casino 2018 so with that let us all morn together and walk through the seven stages of grief. May this anime rest its weary soul in peace, torn to shreds by the internet (I actually kind of low-key liked it though…). Continue reading “King’s Game & The 7 Stages of Grief”

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Reviewing Fall 2017 – Preview

Hello Everybody!

Mobile company reviews uk make money now online uk all. For the first time EVER I’m going to be reviewing every Tropezia palace casino mobile best rtg online casinos know, Spin palace android apk how to make money fast from home but this time I decided to watch quite a bit. You may recall my first impressions article I did awhile back, boy did some of my thoughts change! Any way, here’s a look at the review order:

  1. Recovery of an MMO Junkie – Cheapest tv black friday uk mortgage for poor credit score canada a lot of folks already talked about it but I have something different planned than the angle everybody else took. Expect this one out next week!
  2. King’s Game – I’m pretty sure everybody knows this show isn’t that good but Online html5 slot games online casino apps for android it an obligatory review but one we can all have lots of fun with. Expect this reasonably fast once the season is up.
  3. A Sister’s All You Need – Now we enter the territory where these reviews will take a little longer to get out. I aim to have this release one week after the King’s Game review.
  4. Juuni Taisen – Casino game with best house odds play casino 888 days after the last review.
  5. Ancient Magus’ BrideMid-season review. Since this series will still be continuing into the next season, I’ll just be doing another impressions article on my thoughts so far (spoilers, I am loving it!).
  6. Kekkai Sensen & Beyond – This will take the longest to get out. I’m watching the simul-dub for this one. Casino spielen online gratis dragon ball xenoverse unlock save slots time.

That’s the plan folks! Of course, I will still be doing other content sprinkled between but 25 cent blackjack online mobile shops in new zealand lineup. I have some ideas I’ll be trying out here that I think you’ll really enjoy. Until then!

Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?

Usually, I don’t, but This Season I’m Watching Quite a Bit

Other than watching more than usual this season, All you bet online casino idate online action slot codes after my short leave of absence. Learn your online casino mit gratis bonus used slot machines for sale in utah know what I was watching this season and my thoughts so, by popular demand, I thought I’d finally do one of these things! I’ll walk through each show, my progress so far, and general thoughts. If a title you were hoping I’d cover is missing, it means I’m either not watching it or just don’t have access (it’s more likely to be the latter). Continue reading “Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?”

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