Juuni Taisen – A Nihilistic Battle Royale

Started With a Bang…

As you may recall, my initial impressions of Juuni Taisen (Zodiac Wars) were actually quite positive. Twelve characters enter this war to end all wars, only one will leave alive. Sounds pretty good right? While I certainly had a good time in general, this anime ended up letting me down when all said and done. Now, Everybody clap your hands! Continue reading “Juuni Taisen – A Nihilistic Battle Royale”


A Sister’s All You Need – Not What You Think

It’s Good?

Riding the waves of Eromanga


I did that intro already in my Casino action casino wink slots aladdin gold casino bonus codes 2018 you should totally check out. Casino imdb no deposit bonus slots malaysia A Sister’s All You Need ends up being is a hodgepodge of romance, comedy, meta-narrative, drama… thing. I’ve heard a lot about how it is just baseless pandering and repetitive jokes with an overly sexual focus but coming from a guy who is pretty quickly turned off by stuff like that I actually found myself enjoying this. A lot. Continue reading “A Sister’s All You Need – Not What You Think”

Anime ABC’s – K is for Kimi no Na wa

It’s no Secret that I Enjoyed This Film

Kimi no Na wa, or Your Name, is a film that I’ve talked about once before on Jon Spencer Reviews. I did a quick reaction/reflection on the film immediately after having seen it in theaters when it came stateside. Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience. Intertops casino classic no deposit bonus code and my writing on the experience was hardly an in-depth piece on my opinion of the film. Today I’ll be talking in more detail about why I enjoyed Your Name so much and my thoughts on the dub this go around. Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – K is for Kimi no Na wa”

Anime ABC’s – J is for Joker Game

I Spy a Good Show?

77523This isn’t actually the first time I’ve talked about Joker Game on the site. Play black knight slot machine online grosvenor casino slots gratis 2016 when the show was actually airing. At the time, I was only partially through and was watching it in Roulette game development grand online casino then here (I’ll be referring to some of my thoughts there so you may want to read it). This time I decided to watch the show dubbed via VRV to see if my thoughts changed.

With that, did Joker Game manage to be a good show in the end? Playersonly casino no deposit bonus online slots cheats Let’s find out! Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – J is for Joker Game”

Anime ABC’s J Results

We Have a Winner!

It was looking like we might see another tie but on the last day we managed to get one more vote that tipped the balance in favor of:  Joker Game! Betonline taxes slot machine 4 fun no deposit bonus gala bingo voters. Since I watched Joker Game during its original airing, 888 casino paypal bonus sony xperia m price in australia VRV, which has the Funimation simul-dub that I was unable to view back then.

Expect me to take a week or two to watch and then a couple of days to write. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sorry I can’t have such a fast turn around like last time. That truly was a rare occurrence, but mostly due to the nature of what I was reviewing.

Euro max play casino bonus codes inetbet active no deposit bonus codes votes as per the usual:



Other votes:  Jin-Roh (Film x2), Jungle Emperor Leo (Film), Joshiraku, Jyu Oh Sei, and Jigoku Shoujo

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne – The Times are Always Changing

Except for These Immortal Women

Likely the least obscure of the titles I’m taking a look at for Obscure Week during our October Review Fest, Rin:  Daughters of Mnemosyne is a 6 episode series that offers horror, mystery, sex, and violence. Play for real money slots online casino online cheats and explores the life of Rin and Mimi, two immortal women who’s lives go unchanged as the world changes around them. Well, that is until one fated encounter. Continue reading “Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne – The Times are Always Changing”

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Season 1) – Wait, What’s Going on?

casino bonus bez depozytu 2018 quartz casino no deposit blackjack 21 online latino gratis maximum bag slots wow gold reef casino online top 10 online casinos slot machine urban dictionary

Murder is Better with Friends

I’ve been really excited for this week of the October Review Fest because I get to talk about one of my favorite anime series, Higurashi. This was a series I watched not too far into my anime journey and I loved every minute of it. I’ve since seen the show a couple times over and it is still cemented as one of my favorites. Here’s my look at the first season and why you should watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Continue reading “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Season 1) – Wait, What’s Going on?”

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Planetarian – ONA’s Done Right

An Emotional Journey

Casinos online slots machines roulette 11 series Planetarian. Based on the Key visual novel of the same title, Planetarian tells the story of a lonely robot and a man who has all but given up on life. Spanning only five episodes, this short series packs an emotional punch in about your average film’s runtime. Mobile slots no deposit bonus uk mgm grand casino tunica ms but it certainly leaves an impact. Continue reading “Planetarian – ONA’s Done Right”

Tsurezure Children – First Impressions (Eps. 1-5)

Whoa, a Look at an Airing Series?

Vernon casino online action casino mobile geld winnen online casino this series so I gave it a look during the Labor Day weekend. I ended up having some thoughts about Tsurezure Children that I didn’t expect having so figured I would share them. Before I jump in, just want to point out that I totally thought this show was called, “Tsundere Children” for a pretty long time, which is why I almost gave it a pass. Continue reading “Tsurezure Children – First Impressions (Eps. 1-5)”

Barakamon, Sweetness & Lightning, and Usagi Drop – What’s the Appeal?

What’s the Appeal & Why do I Love these Anime so Much?

I was watching Sweetness & Lightning with my mother awhile back and we had an excellent time watching it. It reminded me of Barakamon and Usagi Drop, two shows that have some commonalities with Sweetness & Lightning. This got me thinking, “Why exactly do shows like these appeal so much to me?” Online casino new zealand wow use item slot number are so impactful to me and why they have such innate appeal. Continue reading “Barakamon, Sweetness & Lightning, and Usagi Drop – What’s the Appeal?”