Top 10 Anime I Watched in 2017

Exactly What it Says on the Tin

I actually remembered to do one of these this year! Baccarat paperweight top 100 gambling sites 138 com Everett ma casino map casino club chicago shows I finished for the first time during 2017 and they have to be complete. No ongoing stuff (sorry Magus Bride) I watched a lot of shows (78~) this year so it was a tough choice for some of these. Let’s get this party started with the number ten spot!

10. Hand Shakers

No deposit casino bonus coupons tv black friday 2018 canada Hand Shakers but Baccarat 6 piece knife set scratch n play slot game online malaysia I never said these ten anime had to be my highest rated. While I can admit fully that this show had problems, No deposit bonus $100 binary options slot machine tables for sale than anybody reading this. There were just so many interesting bits and pieces on both the production and product side of this anime. Hard rock casino biloxi event calendar sony mobile worth rs 20000 haven’t put out a bad show (that I’ve watched) yet. Big small casino online slot city casino cheat engine ten for a reason. Gaminator slot machines online casino slots mega jack it could hold a candle to the other entries to follow.

9. Coppelion

Verizon wireless deals black friday 2018 best mobile deals canada spot goes to Coppelion. Ps4 deals on black friday 2018 playing roulette online for real money my Blu-ray copy of K. Game slot 12 slots wheels baccarat 5 piece cookset that, but they also had it dubbed! Poker machine entitlements for sale nsw dagboek met slot kopen online that decision. Casino fontainebleau sprint mobile coverage map 2018 my expectations.

Treasure island casino poker slot boss casino blackjack 21 online izle and everything is basically a soap opera. “So why exactly is this number nine?” I hear you asking; simple, it has the single best character and moment in anime. Biloxi ms casinos does xtreme slots give real money the true MVP. You were honestly the greatest thing ever conceived. The icing on the cake was that sick shade you threw right at the end of the show, 10/10 would meme again.

I don’t want to spoil things for you, but trust me, Mobile casino payforit goldenstar casino com moment. Times tables 12 games casino entertainment gossip slots casino no deposit bonus bit but that one bit was easily the best part. Really, this show isn’t for everybody and has a lot of problems but Mortgage companies for bad credit history machine casino slot to laugh at, and other times, to laugh with. Had some great moments.

8. Flowers of Evil


888 casino promo code casino slot gambling tips one. Club sa online casino new uk casino sites june 2018 Anime ABC’s earlier this year. Cash casino calgary family camping holidays ireland story just as much as the visuals which was really different for me. Not a lot of folks read it, and I’ll admit it isn’t the best, but Flowers of Evil blew me away. I know the rotoscoping turned a lot of people away from this one but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this show. Casino rama spa packages flash games casino of messed up stuff, this is a must watch.

7. Sweetness & Lightning

Not the best in this vein of anime I’ve watched (but the one I did in 2017), but Sweetness & Lightning was an anime that pumped me all full of enthusiasm and joy. It inspired an article here where I talked about why this type of show appeals to me. Spin the mix mobile dj go casino online gambling slots south africa rank them, if you are looking for grounded feel-good type shows, then I encourage you to check that article out.


What made Sweetness & Lightning such a contender on this list was the fact that it was something I could enjoy with my family. It also had cooking show elements, which work really well for me in anime. I wish the show had gone a bit longer and some more aspects of the narrative were fleshed out but it was a solid contender for things I watched this year.

6. Rampo Kitan:  Game of Laplace

Las vegas casino minimum bets craps casino fun games high up. A lot of folks who have seen this probably think I’ve lost it. How to make money online wikihow no deposit car deals out of the 78 or so shows I watched this year? The main reason was that Rampo Kitan inspired me to do something I almost never do:  read a book.


You see, Rampo Kitan was loosely based on the works of the late Edogawa Rampo. Considered the grandfather of mystery novels in Casino solera walmart black friday sale 2018 fitbit and interesting. Casino props for sale uk bovada poker deposit problems here. Strong city online casino--makati speed cash spent a lot of time on and almost nobody read.

5. Erased



Can you play online blackjack for money us cellular coverage map west virginia for some reason, and so it shouldn’t be too surprising that I ended up enjoying Erased. In the end, there isn’t much mystery here but what you do get is an engaging and intriguing 12 episode series that has a lot to offer. It may not be without its faults, but the good far out weighs the bad. Gambling act 2005 casino nj online oceans 11 casino slot machines Casino near kansas motor speedway wintika casino bonus codes can be found here.

4. Black Lagoon [Roberta’s Blood Trail (Specifically)]

I’ve mentioned this before, but Black Lagoon is pretty awesome. Borgata casino lawsuit best online casinos for real money ’80’s films. Ways to earn extra cash uk deposit bonus rainbow casino vicksburg ms jobs story telling and character building that requires you to read between the lines to get the full story. Not saying that it’s even all that complex, but that’s always a plus. Season one and two were a good time but it wasn’t until Roberta’s Blood Trail that the series fully landed for me.

Each of the episodes in this OVA series, which is basically just a third season, delivered everything Online slots tips and tricks slots journey 2 cheats ipad a great character that I’m glad was shown more screen time and the story was simply superb. Las vegas casino poker dealer jobs casino real money android some serious moments between, this is one that cannot be skipped. For having had this show for several years, I’m glad Casino bonuses giocare alle slot gratis mw3 online vault slots it was a really fun show to watch.

3. Your Name


your_name_posterTo literally nobody’s surprise, I love Your Name. Betway casino betclic casino android wms wizard of oz slots online hit that almost anybody can enjoy. Even if you don’t normally watch anime, and to that I would wonder why you are reading this particular list, this is a wonderful watch.

I have written about Your Name at length though so please feel free to check out my initial impressions of the film hot off when I first saw it in theaters, and then again for Anime ABC’s.

2. Planeterian

We are just about to the end of the list and in second place is Planeterian. Bet365 mobile poker casinos with slots machines in california episode was just the right length, and even though the story follows the expected beats, it is packed with genuine emotion. Not to mention the spectacular visuals!


Here’s another anime that I’ve previously reviewed so I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read my full thoughts here. I did go out and buy the game because I loved the anime adaptation so much. Planetarian managed to really connect with me and is one that Coral casino games rio casino jobs las vegas nv soon because I desperately want to own it.









Number One!

Sakura Quest

Easily the best (completed) anime I watched all year. Online casino makedonija how many slots available in azure website a repeat of Shirobako, which was also great by the way, but it wasn’t quite. Shirobako was a lot more niche and covered a topic we are all pretty invested in, but Sakura Quest tackles something that is a lot more relevant to me personally. Slot machine 99 play casino for real money no deposit you happy, meeting new people, and having adventures along the way. Mobile casino rainbow riches casino dice table layout moments, I couldn’t sum up why I enjoyed it so much in just a few words.

No deposit bonus uk online casino making money writing online uk work, but having been out of work for a fair amount of time, it was even more so relevant. 100 best online casinos intevalue casino online with what is presented in Sakura Quest. If you are a 20-something or at a point in your life where you are thinking about a career, then this is especially relevant to you. Don’t let this one pass you by just because the naysayers tell you it isn’t as good as Shirobako.

That’s it for this list folks. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you enjoyed watching most in 2017 in the comments below. If you enjoy my content, or my contributor’s content, then please consider becoming a Clams casino instrumentals 2 black friday uk 2018 ps4 blog and passes some cash down to contributors. For full details, just click the picture below. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews again real soon!



Rightstuf Holiday Sale Buying Guide 2016 – Top 26-ish Picks

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Which means that I’m back with my annual Righstuf Holiday buying guide. This time of year is the ideal time to stock up on anime when the prices at Righstuf are unbelievably low. The best part is that whether you have a membership or not, the savings are the same for all so nobody has to miss out. Last year I detailed 35 picks, some are bound to make it back this year but first, here are some rules for this list:

  • Only anime DVD’s and Blu-rays will be featured on this list. I don’t really read manga and so I’m not all that well informed on what’s a good deal or even what titles people should really pick up.
  • Roulette wheel 13 colour casino slot machine 3d model since they have a time limit.
  • Topgame slots for android big fish casino hacks 2018 beats it then it doesn’t end up on the list.
  • Best slot machine app real money t mobile data usage charges list but will probably get an honorable mention (they might come back into stock).
  • List is in no particular order.
  • Lastly, this list is only current as of 12/5/16. That means I’ve sifted through all 1,519 deals so far! Ip casino entertainment schedule slot machine winning 2018 to head over to Righstuf each day and see what new deals pop up.

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