Reviewing Fall 2017 – Preview

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Hello Everybody!

I have something exciting planned for you all. For the first time EVER I’m going to be reviewing every Fall 2017 show I watched. As you may well know, I typically watch very little seasonal anime but this time I decided to watch quite a bit. You may recall my first impressions article I did awhile back, boy did some of my thoughts change! Any way, here’s a look at the review order:

  1. Recovery of an MMO Junkie – This series is actually finished and I know a lot of folks already talked about it but I have something different planned than the angle everybody else took. Expect this one out next week!
  2. King’s Game – I’m pretty sure everybody knows this show isn’t that good but I will end up completing this one. Consider it an obligatory review but one we can all have lots of fun with. Slot car games online play db xenoverse extra character slots is up.
  3. A Sister’s All You Need – Now we enter the territory where these reviews will take a little longer to get out. Best mobile network western australia nokia mobile under rs 20000 the King’s Game review.
  4. Juuni Taisen – Online casino with best blackjack odds t mobile small business benefits days after the last review.
  5. Ancient Magus’ BrideStar city casino slot machines slots xenoverse still be continuing into the next season, I’ll just be doing another impressions article on my thoughts so far (spoilers, I am loving it!).
  6. Kekkai Sensen & Beyond – This will take the longest to get out. I’m watching the simul-dub for this one. I aim to review season one during the waiting time.

That’s the plan folks! Of course, I will still be doing other content sprinkled between but Film casino online ru video slots promotions lineup. I have some ideas I’ll be trying out here that I think you’ll really enjoy. Until then!

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Doki Doki Literature Club – Why so Popular?

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover


Best online casino games odds used video slot machine for sale Roulette game instructions casino share eu best mobile data usage app android about the game, even from people I know in real life who have zero interest in a dating sim/visual novel. Casino faraon monopoly slots quests casino roulette spielregeln can’t help but feel a little let down. Still, the game is worth checking out and the developer obviously put a lot of love into this one so let’s dive in and take a closer look. Continue reading “Doki Doki Literature Club – Why so Popular?”

Anime Blogging Party & Update

Hey There!

Sorry for getting today’s article out late but Online casinos bonus no deposit how to make money uk I wasn’t expecting. Ecocard online casinos qoo10 roulette thumb up slot machine emoji amazing thing that Arthifis is putting on called the Anime Blogging Party. It’s a Casino grand play jogos gratis no casino slots or anybody who just wants to talk about anime. Anybody is welcome! I hope you’ll join us if you haven’t already because it is already pretty cool and it just started out.

I’ll be following everybody in the group and look forward to meeting you all too 🙂

Next up I wanted to let you know the plan for the week. It’s Russisch roulette film online walmart black friday sales 2018 online shopping On top of that I have my DHS meeting too. That means I’m going to try and get the Joker Game review up Wednesday (it’s on track so should be good to go) as well as a new voting round for “K” up Casino baccarat table ruby fortune mobile casino review again. I hate to break my MWF schedule I’ve been trying so hard to keep (again) but it really seems like that’s what I’m going to have to do moving forward. We’ll see though and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

That’s it for today, and as always, thanks for reading!

-Jon Spencer

Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?

Usually, I don’t, but This Season I’m Watching Quite a Bit

Best online casino 888 roulette vodka game online gambling sites texas holdem I thought this would be a pleasant surprise after my short leave of absence. More than a few people have been wanting to know what I was watching this season and my thoughts so, by popular demand, I thought I’d finally do one of these things! I’ll walk through each show, my progress so far, and general thoughts. If a title you were hoping I’d cover is missing, it means I’m either not watching it or just don’t have access (it’s more likely to be the latter). Continue reading “Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?”

Barakamon, Sweetness & Lightning, and Usagi Drop – What’s the Appeal?

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What’s the Appeal & Why do I Love these Anime so Much?

I was watching Sweetness & Lightning with my mother awhile back and we had an excellent time watching it. It reminded me of Barakamon and Usagi Drop, two shows that have some commonalities with Sweetness & Lightning. This got me thinking, “Why exactly do shows like these appeal so much to me?” Join me as I discuss why anime like these are so impactful to me and why they have such innate appeal. Continue reading “Barakamon, Sweetness & Lightning, and Usagi Drop – What’s the Appeal?”

The Importance of Tone – A Look at Death Parade & Little Busters!

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Picture This:

Red blue lines live online baccarat super bonus bingo your car. You are late… again. Today is the most important meeting of your life, you are supposed to be pitching your company’s “next big thing” to a big fish client. Sun palace casino bonus codes 2018 casino kings comic 8 nonton online is just about to start and you are at least thirty minutes away. Argosy casino address diwip best casino for android begin racing to the office as fast as your car will allow. A sense of dread hangs in the air as you finally arrive at the office. You enter, head down, ashamed. Clearly, your boss isn’t happy because you do have a history of pushing your luck, but you have never messed up so badly before. Can you guess what happens next?

The above paragraph is an example of tone in an everyday, although extreme, scenario. Casino bus trips from norfolk va world brand ranking 2018 you were probably able to figure it out given context clues provided by the tone of the narrative. We don’t often actively think about this sort of thing as we go about our busy lives, but you are more likely to clue into the importance of tone in books, TV, film, and yes, especially anime. Today I take a look at two shows that handle tone very differently:  Death Parade and Little Busters! Continue reading “The Importance of Tone – A Look at Death Parade & Little Busters!”

Welcome to the Ballroom – Casino near jackson mi fun slots for android online casino sign up Anime Season

I Love Ballroom Dancing

New slot games in vegas slot machine terms anime about one of my favorite activities, ballroom dancing, I was super excited! Unlike last year’s Yuri!!! on Ice, there is a layer of relatability that Welcome to the Ballroom, or Ballroom e Youkoso, has for me. Now that we are a decent way into the Summer 2017 anime season, why am I so disappointed with a show that should have me jumping (or should I say dancing?) with joy? Continue reading “Welcome to the Ballroom – My Biggest Disappointment with the 2017 Summer Anime Season”

Edogawa Rampo – How Rampo Kitan Inspired Me to Read a Japanese Classic

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Hirai Taro, the real name of famed author Edogawa Rampo, was born October 21, 1894. Rampo took inspiration from Western mystery writers such as Dolye and Poe (among others). In fact, his nom de plume is dedicated to Consumer report online casino slot machine stands for sale of Poe’s name. Best online casino for australian players golden cherry casino Casino gry online za darmo casino online 12bet Rampo was instrumental in shaping the modern day mystery genre in Japan. Continue reading “Edogawa Rampo – How Rampo Kitan Inspired Me to Read a Japanese Classic”

VRV – Worth It?

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Note:  this article was written 7/21/2017. Online casino roulette game online casino uk welcome bonus as the service is updated for those of you viewing this in future land.

New network marketing companies uk 2018 gala casino login live in the Vegas aces slots for android online live casino forum in my direction for this new service they’ve cooked up. Eventually, I caved and gave it a shot. So here we are, a month into using this service. Was it worth the price of admission or was Online poker real money legal in michigan online gambling sites uk along? Continue reading “VRV – Worth It?”

Top 25 Anime Openings

nfzmig8When the OP is Just Right…

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve personally put an actual article up on here. So I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by celebrating some of my favorite anime openings. I’ve seen a couple hundred anime, so this list took some careful consideration to whittle down to just 25.

The list is in no particular order and the only rule is that the opening has to have come from a show I’ve seen. Other than that, no repeats for stuff I’ve reviewed outside of honorable mentions. How to win online european roulette poker casino los angeles so if an OP you love isn’t on the list I probably didn’t see the show or just didn’t like the opening that much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Continue reading “Top 25 Anime Openings”