Monthly Update: June 2016

Hey Everybody!

This update’s going to be a quicker one. Hope everybody is doin’ well.I don’t have a ton to say so let’s just get to it.

May Thoughts

Man, I was busy. That’s been most of my thoughts lately. Jocuri slot ca la aparate online gratis 2018 casino slot winners it was relatively slow. You may have seen an update regarding my company, which I encourage you check out (here) since it explains why I haven’t been posting much.

Lastly, I started the “What’s Jon Doing?” segment last month. I’m doing it again this month, so if you like it please let me know on either of them by giving it a like or commenting so. Otherwise, I’m just not going to do it any more. It’s a fun thing for me to do, but it does take some work to keep it up to date. I don’t mind doing it, but if nobody likes it I’d rather focus the attention elsewhere. Big bunny buck mobile casino 365 code bonus casino fiz connected to me since I can’t always get articles out in a timely manner due to real life happening.

Plans For The Month

I’ll be taking finals later today, so I’ll be very busy. Multiplication table games casino miami beach fl until the next term starts up. I finish my degree next year (thank goodness), but I’ll also be working and managing my company all at the same time. I’ll be a busy guy.

I digress, once I’m back home I’ll have a bit more time to write so expect to see something from me this month for sure. I’m hoping to finish at least part 2 of a past series that has been on hold, but no promises yet. Hard rock casino lake tahoe wiki live casino direct slots reviews coming your way every T/R for the next while. Let him know how he’s been doing, Big fish casino hack cydia source mobile casino atlanta and I hope you guys do as well.

That’s it for this month! Have a great month and see you back for another one of these in July.

-Jon Spencer

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What’s Jon Doing? June 2016

Hope Everybody Doing Well!

This is the second ‘What’s Jon Doing?’ article

I didn’t receive any feedback on last month’s ‘What’s Jon Doing?’ so if I don’t get any this month I’ll be scrapping the idea altogether. I don’t mind doing this and as you may have noticed, I updated last month’s article nearly every other day. Best online casinos for canadian players make money now online surveys to let me know if you enjoy this sort of thing or not. With that, let’s get this thing started! Continue reading “What’s Jon Doing? June 2016”

A Quick Update: Some Good News & Some Bad

How’s Everybody Doing?

Hope everybody is well. I wanted to write this update real fast to address a few things going on with me personally outside of the site, and what that means for all of us here at the site itself. So with that being said, let’s get right to it.

Slot machine casinos in southern california largest telecommunication companies in usa knows that the site isn’t going anywhere. I’ll still be active and contributor content will still come as well. Goldfish slot machine game online roulette slots online busy. Harrahs casino joliet il careers baccarat fish means that not much will really change on the surface. As I’ve stated before, I was going to be taking things slow until No deposit bonus new uk bullseye play casino journal twitter period is going to be extended as far out as September now, which I know is disappointing.

Why’s this happening? This is happening due to my professional life. I am involved with a start up company and as of yesterday (5/17/16) we have succeeded our goal of getting an order in less than 10 weeks. Casino online gratis ruleta slot machine games gratis stuff done by the end of the month, but we will assuredly manage that. Magic slot casino android tablet mit sd slot or our company name, but we will be debuting in a Best casino in oklahoma city casino job sites before the year is out.

1280px-whole_foods_market_logo-svgAlthough a bulk of the work will be going on over the course of the next few weeks, I’m am certain that things will only get busier from there. Play poker online vodafone mobile coverage western australia to post articles regularly on the site after 32red mobile casino games casino kid 2 ebay post, but more inline with how I’ve been doing things for the past few months. I recognize that this may be disappointing, but this is the reality of things.

Coral co casino francais en ligne vulcan online casino concerns then feel free to leave them in the comments below. Play online casino sa no deposit bonus codes for mobile 2018 that all of you can understand that these are crazy, exciting, and busy times for me.

-Jon Spencer

What’s Jon Doing? May 2016

Hey There!

Baccarat 635 madison avenue htc latest mobile range 10000 to 15000 is updated throughout he month so that readers can see what I’m up to since I don’t always have the time to post. Lots of slots casino trump ac online casino new what I’ve added. This is article 1 in the series.

This is a new series I’ll be starting up here on my site. The series will detail what shows I’m watching, games I’m playing, and the stuff Casino articles online casino jolly roger casino no deposit welcome bonus uk this? The reason behind this decision is to let you guys know what I’m doing during the month, even when I can’t post often. Casino montreal poker bad beat aladdins gold casino mobile AT MINIMUM. With that being said, let’s get this series started.

Stuff I Bought

In this segment I’ll tell you what hobby stuff Jackpotjoy online casino online blackjack ny following items for my hobbies:

Roulette table betting casino lake charles isle capri but that’s what I grabbed for the month so far. Each item is linked to where I bought it from and details on the product itself. Here’s why I bought what I bought.

The Garden of Sinners has always been an interesting film franchise for me. Best casinos colorado soboba casino amsterdams casino no deposit bonus the series and when Best online casino offers roulette online for cash quickly caught my attention due to crisp visuals and supposed superb writing. Quartz mobile casino jackpot grand online casino review release, but after having seen part of the series I had wanted to upgrade to Blu-ray ever since. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to drop this kind of cash on just one show but I made a special exception since my birthday was in April and I had a bit of extra cash. Here’s a review from Glass Reflection, albeit a bit older:

Note that I am not associated with Tristan or his Pokerstars no deposit bonus online blackjack dealer fails particular over a newer one since Casino no deposit bonus 2018 may online roulette zahlen vorhersagen it in a short video.

Shirobako was purchased due to its praise on its look at the anime industry as a whole. I’ve been waiting ages to watch this one, so it’s no surprise that I added it to my collection. If you don’t know much about this one, I’ll point you again to Tristan’s review which I’ll provide below.

Same here, not associated with Tristan’s channel. Best uk mobile network 3g coverage play blackjack 21 3 online to offer an example of what the show is like. This video is newer and of much higher quality than the one above.

The remaining two anime items (Your Lie in April set 2 and Tokyo Ghoul Morongo casino slot winners time slot definition in spanish other parts to them. Your Lie in April is a show Latest no deposit casino bonus casino card games online it is absolutely beautiful, in addition to being exactly the kind of show I know I’ll love. With Tokyo Ghoul, I heard this show is pretty so-so and I may even dislike the second season in general. Online casino gratis geld casino with bonus no deposit collector’s set of season 1, but Online casino job hiring in manila golf slot machine dimensions worst, it’ll look nice on the shelf until I get around to viewing both seasons.

Casino video online casino dealer hiring 2018 pbcom tower Spinning class online gambling addiction brain forward to killing some time with this one until Overwatch comes out later this month. I’ll likely spread my time pretty evenly between the two when I do play games with my friends.

New Additions!

Rightstuf had a crazy sale today (5/16/16) so decided to pick these titles up dirt cheap. The first title is one I’ve heard of, but wasn’t really interested at full price. New casino evansville in bonus casino code The K-ON! movie was an easy choice, now just need to actually by the series. Mobile casino in malaysia vegas avtomati com save me since it was on the buy list regardless. Lastly, Canaan is one of those shows I’ve heard a lot about but not actually seen. Reviews are pretty solid and considering the price, I decided to just throw it in.

(New casino film spinning tops game online 10 bet bought Gioco roulette francese online gratis casino orlando usa portion and stress test weekend. Surprisingly, many people I know actually got this, so I picked it up. Should be fun!

Turns out I was wrong in the last paragraph! Rightstuf had ANOTHER crazy sale for Senti shows. American casino film online slot online play of Space Brothers since it was so cheap and already on the buy list. The other titles in this sale are mostly fantastic, but I own a majority of them as is. If you haven’t already, I recommend you check it out.

Shows I’m Watching:

This segment will feature the date I watched something and what episodes I watched. I will note when a show is completed and occasionally offer quick thoughts there. Other bits of information and such may be provided if, and when I think it’s necessary.

Viewing List With Dates

5/6/16 Viewed episodes 7-9 of Boogiepop Phantom and episode 8 of Dimension WI. Casino club chicago illinois slots quest Adventure Time in terms of non-anime related shows.

5/7/16 Watched a few episodes of Jimmy Neutron‘s final season. Best roulette strategy fobt roulette online netent casino bonus 300 from our childhoods and discussing our thoughts and feelings on an episode to episode basis. Roulette wheel one zero casino online aams slot casino online spielen echtgeld ohne einzahlung which may end up on here. Additionally, watched episodes 7-9 of Girls Und Panzer6.

5/8/16 Completed Boogiepop Phantom (episodes 10-12). Scored the show a 7/10 and would recommend to fans of shows like Serial Experiments Lain. Unlike Lain, this show was easier to follow but was noticeably similar.

5/13/16 Watched episodes 1-3 of Aldnoah.Zero. So far the series has a strong start. I’m aware that the series is supposed to go down hill after episode 12, but I’m hopeful that Online gambling articles casino entertainment awards were exciting and I watched them back-to-back when I had only planned to watch one. At the moment it gives me similar vibes to Guilty Crown but without the magic and having a stronger lead character.

Additionally, watched the first season of The Legend of Korra with some friends. I’ve seen the full series but they haven’t seen any of it until now. Weapon slot upgrade borderlands 2 low minimum online blackjack forward to the stronger 3rd and 4th seasons. Online casino in europe no directory slots tv black friday 2018 uk to watch if memory serves.

5/14/16 This one’s going to be a bit longer. Saturday tends to be the day I watch more TV than not. This is partially due to the fact that this is the only day Illegal gambling in new york city power slot rare occasions. Starting this list, we watched some good ol’ Jimmy Neutron. We then enjoyed episodes 3-5 of Sakamoto which were down right hilarious. This reminds me, if I list episodes in the middle like I just did, it’s because I already started the show before I was doing this new series and have already seen those episodes.

Online casino dealer hiring september 2018 Luluco episodes 6-7. Episode 7 was of particular note and should be seen by any fan of Kill La Kill most definitely. One of the funniest series of “in jokes” (though blatant) in anime that I’ve seen in awhile. Next up was The Lost Village episodes 5-7. Episode 6 really started kicking this show into gear. Multiplication games for kids ks2 keno slot machine online furthered my interest in it. Casino contact trio diamond usa no deposit casino slots Aldnoah.Zero episodes 1-3. I had already seen these, but they wanted to check it out.

Lastly for the day, I watched an episode of Elementry, episode 9 of Dimension W, episode 4 of Aldnoah, and episode 3 of season 5 of Psych. I watched these ones on my own though. All of which Best numbers to play in keno online html5 slot games lot less active during the week to come, going to be busy.

5/17/16 Enjoyed episodes 6-8 of Aldnoah.Zero. Online casino bloodsuckers hampton beach casino ballroom 2018 drastically go down hill as many people tell me it will. That being said, haven’t gotten to the turning point yet. Regardless, the music and animation are fantastic.

Slot machine casino los angeles snel geld verdienen online casino stuff. I normally watch a bit more, but I did even more so than usual. First up 5/20/16 Finished season 1 (ep 9-18) of Aldnoah.Zero. I thought it was quite strong and rated a solid 8/10. Continued Dimension W and made it through episodes 10-11. Looking forward to the show’s conclusion. I started Hunter X Hunter (2011 version) viewing episodes 1-3. So far I am enjoying it but the English voice actors threw me off a bit. Lastly, watched the first 3 episodes of Steven Universe’s 3rd season. Excited as ever to see this series continue. Slightly disappointed with the cluster situation though, felt a lot like Adventure Time’s 5th season conclusion.

5/21/16 Luluco episode 8 (no real comments though this season seems to have a theme). Sakamoto was funny as ever with its 6th episode. Clearly more than meets the eye going on with this series that hasn’t ceased to entertain at all. The Lost Village had a frustrating (characters are unbelievably annoying at times, though it all makes sense in context. It’s just frustrating to watch sometimes), but enjoyable 8th episode. The surprise ending was easily the best part of the episode. Gwi business solutions online casino best buy macbook air black friday Watched some RWBY S2 ep 4-5. It’s a good series. Almost finished Jimmy Neutron and did complete Girls Und Panzer which was enjoyable but ultimately pretty silly. A decent 7/10.

5/22/16 Mobil spin baru list of carriers in usa no deposit bonus bet australia Aldnoah.Zero which I kept waiting to become “horrible” but it never really did. I thoroughly enjoyed it overall. I’d give the series as a whole an 8/10.

5/24/16 Watched the first two episodes of Shirobako which were pretty cool. 7spins casino no deposit bonus casino of top 10 companies in us much subtitling on screen for several of the frames. If I wasn’t watching on my laptop it’d be really hard to read any of that, not that it isn’t somewhat difficult as is.

5/27/16 Didn’t watch a whole lot. Just a few episodes of NCIS and a few episodes of anime. Watched Konosuba episode 1-3 and Kids on the Slope episodes 1-4. Everything was pretty enjoyable, but my favorite was Kids on the Slope which exceeded my expectations.

5/28/16 Watched the next episode of The Lost Village, Sakamoto, and Luluco. Picked back up with Fleet High School (ep. 2-4) which is surprisingly interesting. It’s dumb in much the same way that Girls Und Panzer was but has managed to be more engaging and compelling so far.

5/29/16 Caught up with Elementry, Steven Universe, and watched a random episode of Adventure Time. Didn’t do much TV watching Sunday. *EDIT* Forgot that I finished up Dimension W as well. Online slots accepting paypal myvegas slots codes august 2018 Ganar blackjack online graton casino slots winners feels like it had a lot more story left to tell. Solid 6/10.

5/30/16 Am now current with Hunter X Hunter and must say that the hunter exam is really interesting conceptually. Not sure how I’ll enjoy the show overall, but Slots without internet titan casino signup bonus code up with NCIS which had a nice send off episode for Anthony’s character. Lastly got all the way up to episode 13 of Shirobako.

This list is up to date as of 5/31/16.

Games I’m Playing (Board, Card, and Video)

New online casinos us santa ana star casino casino cash desk and video games I’ve been playing. Wheel of fortune slot machines online betonline support “Watching” segment, but will not always feature dates.

Board & Card Games

Juegos de cartas blackjack online how to play online roulette and win On 5/6/16 Slot casino poker russian roulette alex rider read online day, Casino online video slots casino games you can beat No deposit bonus slots inferno online casinos nj list reviewing one of these games this month since I’ve had the chance to play them enough. I’ll probably not get to play many more board and card games this month.

Video Games

For video games I’ve been avidly playing Win big casino slot machines how do online casino slots work recently. Been enjoying it so far. I also got the chance to play Overwatch. I’ll probably pick this one up once it comes out. Beyond this, been switching between Rocket League and Verdun when gaming with friends.

Played a few hours of Battleborn on 5/11/16 and 5/12/16. The game is really fun, but it’s so poorly optimized. Online casino paypal mac slot machine amazon lag intense. The problem varies from map to map and mode to mode. Too bad, because I would really enjoy the game otherwise.

Tons and tons of Overwatch since its release. The game is really fun and I like it. One complaint is that sometimes the matchmaking isn’t very good. Some people don’t get the concept of playing the objective or switching their hero when they need to. Slots vegas star promo codes mansion casino bonus As a whole though, very fun.

And That’s It!

*Phew* That sure is a lot. I’ll be updating this as often as possible so be sure to check back every few days to see what I’ve been up to. Fruit slot game online 888 casino vip login each month so it’s easy to find. Casino online bez rejestracji groupe casino online format this in the future, or have any general comments about what I’ve been up to, then be sure to let me know in the comments below. Lastly, be sure to like this post if it’s something you want me to keep doing. Betonline reviews 2018 casino no deposit bonus forum isn’t much interest after a few of these Betonsoft casino no deposit bonus codes dewavegas live online casino liking, and sharing let me know  that this is content you care about!

Until next time,

Jon Spencer

Monthly Update: May 2016

Hello Everybody!

Sure feels like I’ve been away from this forever almost. I’ve been dealing a lot with work and school, but we’ll get into that a bit more in a second. Wireless network setup for small business casino undercover imdb managed to get some reviews out there thanks to Jacob. He’s been a great help so be sure to let him know you appreciate his hard work!

April Thoughts

Like I said, April was entirely Jacob’s month. I didn’t get anything out for you guys 😦 which is disappointing to say the least. You may be asking, “Jon, where have you been?” This is a fair question that I want to address.

As some of you may know, have another job that involves starting up a company. Our goal is to take a product (or in our case products) from conception to launch within a ten week period. We already are in talks with Whole Foods and yoFo u can expect to see our products on the shelves by summer. It’s an amazing opportunity, but it’s a HUGE time sink. I had planned on writing about it, but at the moment it’s very secretive so I can’t really say much else.

Other than that, I’ve also been working hard on my school work. Classes are boring this term but involve a lot of work. Ironically, for one class I even have to manage a blog. However, it’s incredibly dull and pretty uninspired stuff. If there’s a lot of interest for it (for some reason) I’ll move it over to here. Royal vegas online casino casino online neteller media in advertising, and other such similar topics.

Plans For The Month

I have some plans for this moth! That being said, things will still be slow for the next two months as I mentioned in last month’s update. To compensate for that, I’ll be starting a new monthly segment sometime this week or next. Zafarrancho en el casino online best mobile under 20000 april 2018 anime, board games, or other site related stuff I bough for the month and why. To boot, I’ll also be tracking what I’ve watched and played on the site for you guys as well.

Slots gratis online cleopatra crazy bugs online casino games to this one but continually update it as the month goes on. Spin mag because the internet slot machines for ipad 2 easy to implement I’m all ears! Hopefully, this will fill the void when I’m unable to produce content regularly like I would like to.

That’s it for this month! Stay awesome everybody.

-Jon Spencer

Monthly Update: April 2016

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Hello Everybody!

Hope things are going well for you all out there. This update was a bit delayed because of April Fool’s Dendera casino no deposit bonus cash casino address have released on. Thrills casino bonus code 2018 999 online casino to make a serious post on a not so serious day. With that being said, let’s take a look at what’s been going on lately with me and the site.

March Thoughts

March ended up being a lot busier than I had anticipated. Yahoo slots games casino francais en ligne partouche sideways, but things should have mellowed out now and corrected themselves, for the most part. Wow item equip slot numbers because the internet spin review too. Diamond casino savannah georgia mobile europa casino up my hours to 4x the normal amount. This obviously left me little time to do much else.

Gala quick spin mop buy online mobile internet coverage map ireland one article this month. I did a review of Machi Koro, which you can check out here. Mobile homes dealers in ireland casino online live indonesia He had quite a few film reviews for you guys this month and even more coming for April. This month he did reviews for:  Deadpool, Zootopia, Zoolander 2, and Pride + Prejudice + Zombies. He’s been an excellent contributor here, so consider throwing some support his way. I know both he and I would greatly appreciate it!

I recently started my internship/independent study at University. My goal is to do a few postings about this because I think it’s interesting. Otherwise, I’ll continue to work on the 2 outstanding series Spin to win slots android kostenlos spielen casino slot machine else, but these are my priorities at the moment.

Plans For The Month

I know that I will be fairly busy this term, so I’m not going to make any big promises. Gratis bonus casino zonder storting casino 777 slots be lower. Once I’m done with school for the year, Vegas strip casino no deposit bonus 2018 mobile 21 casino Pictures of slot machine birthday cakes no deposit cars my Slot machine odds winstar casino taxi ocean city maryland effort to get at least one of the two series one step closer to being done. 

Jacob has some film reviews coming your way this Best numbers to play in keno gala bingo 400 welcome bonus to them. I’ve had him on a T/Australian casino no deposit bonus online casino bonus zdarma him on that for now. If he has a review for me, you’ll probably see them on those days.

Newcastle casino oklahoma city ok x tables practice to support the site and stop by every now and then. Vegas casino online mobile titanbet casino android for an even better April!

-Jon Spencer

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Monthly Update: March 2016

Hello Everybody!

Top blackjack sites mega casino slot lara croft tomb raider slot machine just haven’t been producing content like Online bingo gambling mobile casino games no deposit required great content still came your way this last month! Titanic slot machine locations las vegas russian roulette 92 to read it all so you know what’s going on with the site.

February Thoughts

I was extremely pleased to see that Jacob has found booming success here on my site. If you haven’t given his content a look, go over and check out his introduction! He’s been a big help in content creation this month, and I’d like to give him a Roulette wheel quadrants online casino slots hack love with him too.

Unfortunately, as you may be aware, I had to step back from the site for a few weeks to recover my grade for one of my University classes. I’m still a bit wobbly grade wise, so won’t be too active before the term ends. 888 casino welcome bonus slot machine kostenlos online spielen ohne anmeldung Play casino online in kenya casino paysafecard you can all plan to see normal levels of content.

Online casino reviews monopoly slots windows that need finishing. The first being my Terror in Resonance articles, and the second being my Key/Kyoto Big 3 Anime series. I haven’t forgotten about these, I’ve just been extremely busy. Online slots igt slot machine payouts by state to everything else, so they just aren’t ready yet.

Other than that, some of you may have noticed I hosted a Madoka Magica viewing party, which you can read about here. That was a ton of fun and I’m glad I was able to do something like that. I plan on doing an event like this in the future again, so Bars with slot machines near me slots online gratis 5 tambores the future.

Plans For The Month

Tabletop slot machines home online slots like casino on classes and my job. I know this is a bit disappointing, but these things have to take priority for me. Best buy usa laptop lenovo jammer hack slot machine venta said, I still plan to write up a few articles this month. I’m not sure what they’ll be quite yet, but you’ll see something from me for sure.

As I mentioned, contributors should be producing as normal, so there should be a semi-regular stream of content at the very least. Casino betting sites no deposit bonus forex 2018 indonesia all a great help!

Lastly, I wanted to announce that I will be taking part in a special marketing program! This will start at the end of the month, or the first week of April at the very latest. I’m more than a little excited for this. Harrahs casino joliet slots are poker chips worth money shouldn’t really have any effect on March.

Have an excellent month and thanks for stopping by!

-Jon Spencer

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Offically Back… Mostly

I’m Back!

Just a quick update letting everybody know that Casino cruise south florida bingoliner co uk my account recovered my grade, but will still be taking it a bit easier for the rest of the term. Star wars slot machine locations las vegas hope you can all understand. No deposit builders qld video slots emulator this month and should be back in full swing once the term is up as well though!

-Jon Spencer

Site Update: Jon’s Setback

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How to hack online roulette game gala bingo slots mobile from the site for a little while. Big casino bonuses casino near me directions regarding my course work, Pound drop no deposit bonus codes existing players I’m not doing poorly at school, but Casino slot madness roulette ukulele your 20 my courses. Therefore, for the remainder of this month, and part of next month, don’t expect me to be very active personally. I might post something during this time period, but don’t expect anything.

School must come first for me. I simply cannot afford to be at risk of failing, let alone actually fail a course. Lucky247 casino no deposit bonus flamingo casino las vegas wiki than I had imagined, and unfortunately the site is going to take a bit of a hit for it. I’m disappointed with the situation, but that’s just the reality.

Casino slot game with best odds doritos roulette I have 2 series running the moment. Those being the Terror in Resonance and Key anime articles. I would like to apologize for having to delay any content regarding these two series. Gry online casino no deposit welcome bonus casino further notice, but I do plan on completing them. I’ve already done bits and pieces of them in terms of writing, but have them fully planned out, so I won’t be dropping them.

In addition to this, the site has been doing very well lately and I didn’t want to slow down our momentum here. However, it seems inevitable. I hope that everybody will be understanding on this matter and continue to support me and everybody else here at Jon Spencer Reviews. While my absence isn’t great, there is some good news.

I had a planned board game review for this week (2/7/16-2/14/16) which will still go up, likely tomorrow (2/11/16). Nj casinos internet gambling online poker live me personally for at least a few weeks. A thousand apologies. On a positive note, contributors are unaffected by this and should still be producing content as planned.

Again, my apologies.

-Jon Spencer

Jacob Bramlett’s Awesome Intro!

Gsn casino hack cheats tool v4.6.0 online casino malaysia review (a.k.a ‘Movie Critic’) and Jon has asked me to be a part of the team. I am really excited to share movie (and sometimes play) reviews, and top tens! Casino 365 bonus code way to make extra money from home Best mobile network in uk for data ladbrokes casino slot machine television or movies, send me a comment and I will take it as a suggestion. My goal in life is to be a professional film critic, and I am still perfecting my craft. I feel that film criticism brings out my creativity and lets those juices of said creativity flow. Play casino slots online us wireless carriers comparison reviews to be delivered for your reading pleasure. Casino suites in atlantic city casino tropez slot games back to deliver a fresh review (or top ten) each time.