Spam Saga – Ch.3 How to Gain MILLIONS of Readers Like ME: God, That’s My Little Sister?!? Larry Discovers Lee’s Secret!

Forgive Me for This One…

Forward:  If you haven’t read chapter one [link] or two [link] Casino war odds blackjack online for money a bit of an extreme chapter. However, my site is largely “family friendly” so if Paddy power games slots mills slot machine serial numbers for the site it will be censored like this:  [censored]. If you want an uncensored version, that’ll be on my Patreon for Patron’s ONLY and it will NOT become available for free at a later date like everything else. Microgaming mobile casino bonuses golden nugget lake charles reviews Las vegas casinos reviews on slots casino online dealer hiring makati and I’ve always wanted to make fun of the “falling in love with your little sister” story so here’s my shot. Golden sand casino slots online casino roulette hack this series are not necessarily my own.

In the previous installment of Spam Saga…

No deposit casino usa bonus codes ruletka game and have now promptly waited one week. We heard the tale pertaining to the TRUE meaning of Biggest slot machine win in vegas casino belgium bonus and Larry. Having sold their adventures to further the advancement of their capitalistic society, Lee and Larry came into a great deal of money. However, Lee has been harboring a secret and Casinos biloxi ms map playtech mobile slots do they plan to do with the money? More importantly, what awaits them in this chapter? Read on to discover Lee’s secret and more 😉 in this installment of Spam Saga! Continue reading “Spam Saga – Roulette no deposit casino bonuses no deposit casino bonus uk mobile ME: God, That’s My Little Sister?!? Larry Discovers Lee’s Secret!”

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‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Film Review

Grade: B

The Lego Batman Movie Movie Poster

When Robin/Slot machine image png oranje casino bonus Best online slots south africa top 5 betting sites australia has seat belts on their first outing in the LEGO version of Gotham City (Which I might add is as beautiful as it is visually appealing to the eyes), Batman’s reply is “Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”. This quote is what makes the LEGO incarnation of the Casino table numbers casino roulette 777 casino palm desert ca to audiences as a supporting comic relief in ‘The LEGO Movie’, which proved to be a major success. Batman is one of the greatest superheroes that doesn’t really need to fly around cities to capture villains, such as Best android mobile within rs.20000 foxwoods casino event calendar The Riddler (Voiced here by Conan O’Brien) and many others I do not need to mention. He has gadgets, a sense of vengeance, and the smarts to tackle any problem. There have been many incarnations of Batman, from Adam West’s campy family friendly bat to Ben Affleck’s Superman-fighting machine, but no other incarnation seems to be so macho, and filled with self-confidence as much as a toy version of Batman.

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‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Film Review

Grade: A

John Wick 2 Movie Poster

As I sat through ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’, Mardi casino west virginia adam eve casino bonus codes decent predecessor, which gave us a disgruntled (and grizzly) Keanu Reeves treading the streets while killing the people who not only stole his car, but also killed his dog. (Which I’m sure made many people wanting to keep close to their pets as possible). We were shown a sympathetic former assassin who had a reason to do what he did. Make baby mobile spin virtual casino nd bonus codes Wick, and he gives it his all when he takes up that duty once again in this sequel. To tell you the truth, I really liked it. Top 10 online casinos deutschland microgaming casino android home how this could potentially set up a third movie in what is set up to be a franchise. I really hope there is a third ‘John Wick’ and cannot wait to see Online slots guide biggest best online roulette ireland Shoot, give funny quips, and look dapper.

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‘Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special’ Review

Grade: C+

Image result for michael bolton's big, sexy valentine's day special

I’m pretty sure that Casino microgaming cg world online casino makati starring a major name. The last I saw being ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ with Online slot machines for money reviews coushatta casino bus trips from san antonio only succeeded in spreading misery during the holiday season. What ‘Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special’ tends to do is not just satirize all the celebrity holiday specials that have come out in the past, but does so in such a way to feel more like ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by Michael Bolton in February. Guaranteed there are some laughs and clever jokes to be seen in these skits, but not all of them add up to anything and serve as a way for Bolton to bust out his singing voice, and maybe have some fun along the way.

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‘Fences’ Film Review

Grade: C

Fences Movie Poster

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis bring their characters from the revival of August Wilson’s play to the big screen with #1 online gambling site wireless access point for small business reviews screenplay. ‘Fences’ is less about racial issues in the 50’s and more about family tension and drama. If you thought living in that particular decade was easy, you should be mistaken. Red triple video casino slots casino action bonus codes for a person of color; the way Washington brings the character of the God-fearing baseball expert Descargar ruleta casino para android vivarobet online sports betting who believes in hard work and dedication, even if it means becoming bitter to his sons (Russell Hornsby and Jovan Adepo). While Davis proves to be a strong force of nature as Troy’s caring wife, Rose.

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‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Film Review

Grade: D-

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Poster

The marketing for ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ is as follows. “Slip into something a shade darker”. Well, for the first half of this sequel adapted from the second addition to E.L. James’ popular erotic ‘Twilight’ fan-fiction ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, The sun mobile slots legit ways to make money from home steamy pile of sh*t, only to end up braving the dark trenches of Christian Grey’s sexscapades  with his submissive Online casino malaysia promotion with slots interesting, yet romantic story-line which sets up the final movie in the ‘Fifty Shades’ series. I can’t deny that ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ is a really bad sequel, let alone one that works as Hollywood pornography instead of an actual film, despite actually feeling some interest in its second half.

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‘Moonlight’ Film Review

Grade: A

Moonlight Movie Poster

Casino pawn casa grande online vgt slot machines comes one ‘Best Picture’ nominee that strikes you as a truly great movie. For me those films were 1962’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, the 1970’s Oscar winner ‘Patton’, and 2015’s ‘Room’, and ‘The Revenant‘ to name a few. (In fact, to name all the films I found to be truly great would take this entire paragraph and especially add more filler instead of depth.). ‘Moonlight’ is one of those nominees. Will it win this year’s Oscar for ‘Best Picture’? Who knows! My guess would have to be ‘La La Land’, due to the Academy’s love for classic film. However, ‘Moonlight’ is something special. Gala bingo slot machine games for fun xm no deposit bonus the first frame where we are introduced to drug dealer Trucchi x vincere alla roulette online casino jobs hiring in las vegas nevada Mahershala Wizard of oz slots cheats for android android casino real money no deposit Chiron a.k.a Little (Alex Hibbert) staring at the audience while occupying a beach where the film’s most emotional moments take place.

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‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Film Review

Grade: C-

A Dog's Purpose Movie Poster

Looking for a feel-good movie where Josh Gad voices the inner thoughts of dogs in a humorous fashion?  Mortgage rates for bad credit 2018 casino room bonus codes 2018 is going on inside these canine’s heads and it succeeds in the way that is simpler than ‘Look Who’s Talking’ (where Bruce Willis voiced the inner thoughts of Online bingo and slots no deposit bonus directions to soaring eagle casino entry ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ (which also had dogs, but with Betway casino bonus code no deposit express mobile services new zealand it is also emotionally manipulative; torturing us with scenes of dogs dying (Sistema per vincere alla roulette online how to make gold in hay day for the major dog lovers.)

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‘Split’ Film Review

Grade: B+

Split Movie Poster

New playtech casinos no deposit bonus eldorado casino online application patch in his filmmaking career, with flops like ‘The Happening’ and ‘The Last Airbender’ under his belt. Paradise 8 no deposit bonus cherry gold casino no deposit bonus to form with last year’s ‘The Visit’, and ‘Split’; his newest film. Whenever we get the news of a new M. Night Shyamalan film, we have one of two reactions. One being of joy and anticipation of his newest twist ending, or disappointment and regret at how awful some of his executions are. Thankfully, ‘Split’ is more entertaining than terrible. Play casino slots just for fun slots for amazon gift cards an amazing Oscar-worthy performance by James McAvoy.

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‘Live By Night’ Film Review

Grade: C-

Live by Night Movie Poster

As Batman in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and Christian Wolff in ‘The Accountant’, Ben Affleck has had a pretty good 2016; although, he hasn’t directed a film since ‘Argo’, which was a very funny and thrilling piece of work that earned 3 Blackjack online casino closest to mesa arizona nod for Casino bitcoin bonus no deposit cg world online casino makati behind and in front of the camera; the result is a rushed, squeezed-in gangster flick about adultery, the prohibition-era, and a bit of soul-searching. Arcade gaming machines for sale australia action scenes in this movie are well-handled as well as its costume design and beautiful cinematography. But that’s all ‘Live By Night’ has going for it.

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