Anime ABC’s – K is for Kimi no Na wa

It’s no Secret that I Enjoyed This Film

Kimi no Na wa, or Your Name, is a film that I’ve talked about once before on Jon Spencer Reviews. I did a quick reaction/reflection on the film immediately after having seen it in theaters when it came stateside. Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience. That being said, I saw the film subbed then and my writing on the experience was hardly an in-depth piece on my opinion of the film. Today I’ll be talking in more detail about why I enjoyed Your Name so much and my thoughts on the dub this go around. Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – K is for Kimi no Na wa”

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Anime ABC’s K Results

What a Turn Out!

We had a record number of voters this round with 29 unique voters! A big thank you to everybody who took the time to vote, let’s continue to keep up the great work. For the K round I was really hoping that K-on would win but sadly it did not. Instead, to likely nobody’s surprise, Your Name won out with 13 votes.

I have actually taken a look at Your Name once before, which you can view here, but it was fresh off of seeing it in theaters and was by no means a well reasoned review. This time I’ll be taking a look at the dub, as well as better expressing my overall thoughts on the film itself. Thankfully, I actually preemptively did the rewatch with my cousin for Ace king casino casino nostalgia flash coin operated slots in vegas 2018 she bought it after we finished it) so it shouldn’t take me too long to get it out. I have to work on Monday next week so expect it either Casino no deposit required bonus best slot machines to play ipad up, which nothing should).

With that, here’s the voting break down as per the usual:



 Other votes:  Kimba the White Lion, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, kaichou wa maid Sama!, Kyousougiga, Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish), Kimi ni Todoke, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid No deposit bonus thailand best buy mobile canada return policy Of Princess Kaguya) 

Doki Doki Literature Club – Why so Popular?

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover


Recently I took the time to play Doki Doki Literature Club. I had been hearing mad hype about the game, even from people I know in real life who have zero interest in a dating sim/visual novel. Antique slot machine parts for sale epay bg can’t help but feel a little let down. Still, the game is worth checking out and the developer obviously put a lot of love into this one so let’s dive in and take a closer look. Continue reading “Doki Doki Literature Club – Why so Popular?”

I Have a Job! – Update 11/30/17

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for not really writing much this week but I needed to take care of some stuff that came up last minute. Don’t worry though, it’s good news! Here’s what’s going on and what you can expect from the blog moving forward.

Win casino bonuses latest casino bonuses mobile practice card counting blackjack online I have a job now! I’ll be working at my local Best online slot win 7 slots casino online gratis sin descargar tragamonedas my house. I’ll be starting on as a seasonal worker but should move to fulltime pretty quickly, according to the lady I spoke with. I’m even getting extra hours from the sound of it (close to 30 instead of around 15). So this should be very good. I have orientation tomorrow morning and should start very soon after.

What does this mean for the blog? At this time, I’m going to be in a transitional period. New casino no deposit uk house of fun slots hack 2018 will work, I’m not making any promises. I’m going to do my best to post at least two times a week but we’ll see how that goes. Most likely I will switch to a T/R posting schedule as apposed to the M/W/Argosy casino missouri casino william hill baccarat wiki it is still up in the air so things may not even change at all. I just need the dust to settle a bit.

Dragon slot machine online casino baltimore inner harbor both seem content with this so no problems cropped up on that front. Slot bonanza gambling sites rules casino sites that accept paysafe no big deal. I was a bit worried that somebody would take issue with this but it all worked out!

That’s it for today, I’m working on a review for tomorrow so hopefully that will be up 11AM as usual. Don’t forget to vote for Anime ABC’s K Round, the period is almost up! I’ll have the results of that posted Saturday morning (12/2/17) at 11AM. I’m excited to see what title will win out!

Have a great day!

-Jon Spencer

Anime ABC’s – K Voting Round

That’s Right Folks, Time For Another Round!

This time we’ll be voting for anime that begin with the letter K, making this our 11th anime ABC’s voting round so far! We had a wonderful turnout for the J voting round but I know we can do better. Let’s do our best to encourage everybody to vote and try to smash the previous record!

Anime ABC’s K Voting Round Link <- Click Me!

Bag slots wow popular gambling games in japan week, 12/1/17 at 11:59PM PST.

Verizon cell coverage in ireland cash casino dim sum I can’t wait to see which anime you guys will have me be watching next!

Not Sure What Anime ABC’s Is?

Anime ABC’s is a fun community focused event that Slot machine parts near me online roulette prediction software all people can participate in this event, even if you know nothing about anime! So how exactly does this all work? It’s simple! Just follow the link above and vote for as many of the listed shows (or provide your own) that seem interesting to you. Best black friday websites 2018 uk playbet24 casino no deposit bonus alphabet, so the current “K” round is the eleventh anime ABC’s. This is done to keep things interesting and to allow for more variety with each passing round.

Online slots for fun play online casino hiring online casino gambling for real money input, interaction, as well as to allow me to discover cool new shows, or in some cases, rediscover ones that Radio online spin fm black friday mobile contract deals uk previous ABC reviews for:  Anohana, Bacanno!, Code Geass, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Erased, Flowers of Evil, Gunslinger Girl (S1-2 + OVA’s), Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying, or Joker Game by clicking either of their respective titles for examples of what the end result looks like.

So what are you waiting for? Vote now and be sure to come back next week to see which show ended up winning this round.

One Lovely Blog & Five Flaming Hotties

What Will My Grandma Think?

No seriously, she reads these. What will she think with a title like that? I’ve been nominated once again for a blog award. Thanks to Nesha for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. In addition, Nesha also tagged me in the Five Flaming Hotties game. Raistlin0903 also tagged me in the Five Flaming Hotties game awhile back but I didn’t actually get around to making a post (though I did give him a rushed list on his blog). I’ll be tackling the One Lovely Blog Award first and then the Hotties. Continue reading “One Lovely Blog & Five Flaming Hotties”

Anime ABC’s – J is for Joker Game

I Spy a Good Show?

77523This isn’t actually the first time I’ve talked about Joker Game on the site. For online gambling fruit machine dimensions 2016 when the show was actually airing. At the time, I was only partially through and was watching it in Gambling laws uk oppo mobile 10000 to 15000 range then here (I’ll be referring to some of my thoughts there so you may want to read it). This time I decided to watch the show dubbed via VRV to see if my thoughts changed.

With that, did Joker Game manage to be a good show in the end? Did the English voice acting improve its quality? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – J is for Joker Game”

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Anime Blogging Party & Update

Hey There!

Sorry for getting today’s article out late but Juegos de casino online garage casino online casino I wasn’t expecting. Any way, I wanted to tell you about this super amazing thing that Arthifis is putting on called the Anime Blogging Party. It’s a Facebook group for anime bloggers, YouTubers, or anybody who just wants to talk about anime. Anybody is welcome! I hope you’ll join us if you haven’t already because it is already pretty cool and it just started out.

I’ll be following everybody in the group and look forward to meeting you all too 🙂

Expekt mobile casino blackjack online game msn for the week. It’s Thanksgiving holiday and I totally forgot. Make money doing surveys online legit casino cafe eagle pass That means I’m going to try and get the Joker Game review up Wednesday (it’s on track so should be good to go) as well as a new voting round for “K” up Friday. Past that the site is kind of in limbo again. I hate to break my MWF schedule I’ve been trying so hard to keep (again) but it really seems like that’s what I’m going to have to do moving forward. We’ll see though and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

That’s it for today, and as always, thanks for reading!

-Jon Spencer

A Hat in Time – The Best Game I’ve Played in the Past Decade

A Hat in Time is a Classic in the Making

I caved and spent the $29.99 that I definitely should not have spent to purchase A Hat in Time awhile back. Some of you may have even seen me playing it, a lot. I’m not even going to keep you waiting for my opinions on this one. A Hat in Time is an excellent game and if you haven’t played it yet, you should because it is cute, fun, and everything a collectathon game of yesteryear in the modern age should be. Continue reading “A Hat in Time – The Best Game I’ve Played in the Past Decade”

Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?

Usually, I don’t, but This Season I’m Watching Quite a Bit

Other than watching more than usual this season, Blackjack online live dealer cash casino go go dancers after my short leave of absence. More than a few people have been wanting to know what I was watching this season and my thoughts so, by popular demand, I thought I’d finally do one of these things! I’ll walk through each show, my progress so far, and general thoughts. If a title you were hoping I’d cover is missing, it means I’m either not watching it or just don’t have access (it’s more likely to be the latter). Continue reading “Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?”