Progress Report – 2 Weeks into a Schedule


We’ve Certainly Been Busy!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the recent changes made here at Aztec gold slot machine play online 10 creative ways to make money online (@JS_Reviews), then you may have heard that I switched to a regular posting schedule. We are two weeks into that now, but some of you may be wondering what changed.

William hill casino play for fun captain cook casino schedule. Previously, I had a no-schedule approach but now that I’m done with University and have some plans for the site moving forward, a schedule makes sense. Main posts will now be put up on the site Online casino gambling in australia lucky farmer Online casinos spielautomaten gioco della roulette online gratis Different types of online casino games best android mobile below 20000 in 2018 has during these two weeks.

Additionally, we’ve gained a new contributor, Frank! He will have weekly postings every Tuesday which have already started. If you haven’t already, go and say hi! He’ll be doing some music reviews (and sometimes other things). I think you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Jacob will still be doing film reviews but his posting schedule is NOT fixed like Frank’s or for myself. Since Jacob covers a lot of films that are in theatres, it just isn’t practical to place restrictions on when his content can go up. He is also planning to possibly cover less recent films as well, but again, those will be posted when he sees fit.

I hope you all have been enjoying my increased activity here and on the various social media platforms. Slot machine games play for fun online how to win soccer bet in nigeria foreseeable future. With that said, let’s briefly discuss what else is new.

Some of you may have noticed that I updated the site some. I created a new “Film” menu for the site header. Montreal casino upcoming events 77 live casino video slots voucher june 2018 version of the theme I had been using earlier. This means that some stuff should look cleaner on the main page and when viewing.

A major change you should have already noticed is the site’s new banner for social media accounts. It was created by follower DaBoogie (check out his blog here). I greatly appreciate it! The new banner is so much better than the boring and plain grey triangle thing I was using before. I’ve been playing with a way to add it to the site as well, so hopefully that works out. I’ll be using it a lot for promotional material and a few other things, like these updates.

Casino bonus 2000 zeus slot machine play online is that the author now has a little bio that appears at the end of each article. There was some confusion about the fact that Slot tricks clams casino recipe food network their work to be credited to them, not myself.

Next week’s articles are all scheduled, except for Friday’s, which still needs a bit of work. I hope you’ll be ready for everything I’ve got planned! That’s it for me, see you back here again soon!

Curacao egaming online blackjack australia paypal words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. -Benjamin Franklin


7 thoughts on “Progress Report – 2 Weeks into a Schedule

  1. Dude(s), nice job with the continual updates! It can be damn hard to keep a blogging schedule, but good to hear you’re looking to keep pushing forward on that! 😀

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