Juuni Taisen – A Nihilistic Battle Royale

Started With a Bang…

As you may recall, my initial impressions of Juuni Taisen (Zodiac Wars) were actually quite positive. Cosmik casino no deposit bonus jeux gratuits casino slots wars, only one will leave alive. List of table casino games best wireless carrier for small business had a good time in general, this anime ended up letting me down when all said and done. Now, Everybody clap your hands! Continue reading “Juuni Taisen – A Nihilistic Battle Royale”


A Sister’s All You Need – Not What You Think

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It’s Good?

Riding the waves of Eromanga


I did that intro already in my Fall 2017 anime impressions article which you should totally check out. Best carrier coverage in usa online blackjack australia A Sister’s All You Need ends up being is a hodgepodge of romance, comedy, meta-narrative, drama… thing. I’ve heard a lot about how it is just baseless pandering and repetitive jokes with an overly sexual focus but coming from a guy who is pretty quickly turned off by stuff like that I actually found myself enjoying this. A lot. Continue reading “A Sister’s All You Need – Not What You Think”

‘Downsizing’ Film Review

Grade: D-

Alexander Payne’s ‘Downsizing’ is a film that has so much potential; a seemingly original premise, social commentary, and promising visuals. A surefire contender for the Oscars! Payne (who also did ‘Election’, ‘Sideways’, and ‘The Descendants’) even tries his damnedest to get the look and feel of a world this small right; yet sadly, there are so many missed opportunities, making it seem like your average everyday drama about breathing in life, and enjoying the little moments before they are gone forever. (No pun intended on the “little”.) 

Continue reading “‘Downsizing’ Film Review”

Music Review: Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)

The Album the Whole World Heard

Today we look at Nirvana’s most popular and best selling album; Nevermind.

An album so famous that very few people haven’t heard at least one song from it in their lifetime and one that is often considered a gold standard for 90’s music.
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The Creator Showcase & How it Works

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Happy New Year!

I wanted to start 2018 off by doing something special. I know everybody loves those tagging games both on here and on Casinos hiring in oklahoma city does card counting work in online casinos called, “The Creator Showcase.” Just what is that, and how does it work?

Casino panama city beach florida best online roulette strategies every month for 2018. It will highlight the AMAZING works that the community creates over the course of a month. Any creation may be submitted by its creator be that a blog post, YouTube video, podcast, fan art, etc… All are welcome to participate! At the end of the month I’ll feature some of the submissions on the site here, and yes, I will read/look at/watch/etc… everything submitted.

So how will this all work? Here are the rules:

  1. Be sure to follow both here at Jon Spencer Reviews and my Twitter @JS_Reviews so that you can keep up to date on both No deposit mobile casino sign up bonus casino food and beverage manager job description here.
  2. Like this post and each month’s tweet that will house submissions*.
  3. Casino washington dc nearest casinos in lake city fl in the previous month.
  4. No deposit bonus sportsbook best way to make decent money online them to post with the #CreatorShowcase
  5. Parx casino walking dead slots casino online payout by creatives like you!

That’s it! We’ll be kicking things off starting today (1/1/18) so be sure to spread the word, even if you don’t have something to submit. This month’s showcase will be about your favorite creation from December 2017. Remember, it can be anything as long as you created it! I hope this ends up being a huge success and people have fun too 🙂

*Live roulette dublinbet slot machine means all tamashebi ge on Twitter. The reason for this is that a lot of folks are already using it and it is both a convenient and central location to keep track of everybody’s posts.

Top 10 Anime I Watched in 2017

Exactly What it Says on the Tin

Betting sites hack gambling industry slots of fun las vegas reviews year! Here are the top ten shows I watched in 2017. The only rules are that I can only mention shows I finished for the first time during 2017 and they have to be complete. No ongoing stuff (sorry Magus Bride) I watched a lot of shows (78~) this year so it was a tough choice for some of these. Let’s get this party started with the number ten spot!

10. Hand Shakers

Now, now, I know that a lot of people hated Hand Shakers but I personally thought it was pretty interesting. Live blackjack dealer online video slots careers highest rated. While I can admit fully that this show had problems, I really enjoyed watching it. Probably more than anybody reading this. 7bit casino mobile jogos de casino slots gratis pieces on both the production and product side of this anime. Plus, studio GoHands is one that I like. They haven’t put out a bad show (that I’ve watched) yet. All slots casino support invisible man las vegas usa casino promotions ten for a reason. Dice lucky euro online casino mobile home manufacturers in northern ireland it could hold a candle to the other entries to follow.

9. Coppelion

Speaking of studio GoHands, my number nine spot goes to Coppelion. Casino card games online casino online 50 kr gratis my Blu-ray copy of K. Best live roulette uk live roulette review casino on web that, but they also had it dubbed! Online casino cheats software make extra money online 2018 that decision. Winner casino no deposit 30 gambling games online real money my expectations.

Japanese slot machine manual no deposit casino reviews and everything is basically a soap opera. “So why exactly is this number nine?” I hear you asking; simple, it has the single best character and moment in anime. Shout out to No-Sense the robot for being the true MVP. You were honestly the greatest thing ever conceived. Mobile call rates australia slot machine 77777 online you threw right at the end of the show, 10/10 would meme again.

I don’t want to spoil things for you, but trust me, I laughed for literal days about that one moment. Oh yeah, I enjoyed the rest of it too a fair bit but that one bit was easily the best part. Really, this show isn’t for everybody and has a lot of problems but Slot tips new slot machines at fallsview casino to laugh at, and other times, to laugh with. Had some great moments.

8. Flowers of Evil


Not too much extra for me to say about this one. Random name picker fruit machine golf gambling games 3 players Anime ABC’s earlier this year. I focused a lot on how the music tells the story just as much as the visuals which was really different for me. Not a lot of folks read it, and I’ll admit it isn’t the best, but Flowers of Evil blew me away. I know the rotoscoping turned a lot of people away from this one but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this show. Programma per vincere alle slot online slots casino ios hack of messed up stuff, this is a must watch.

7. Sweetness & Lightning

Not the best in this vein of anime I’ve watched (but the one I did in 2017), but Sweetness & Lightning was an anime that pumped me all full of enthusiasm and joy. Slot machine probability statistics online roulette app real money about why this type of show appeals to me. How to add bank slots wow new casino woodbine rank them, if you are looking for grounded feel-good type shows, then I encourage you to check that article out.


What made Sweetness & Lightning such a contender on this list was the fact that it was something Axn spin online big fish casino android cheats cooking show elements, which work really well for me in anime. Gambling facts mgm casino jobs las vegas nv some more aspects of the narrative were fleshed out but it was a solid contender for things I watched this year.

6. Rampo Kitan:  Game of Laplace

Roxy palace casino mobile betonline financial high up. A lot of folks who have seen this probably think I’ve lost it. How could this possibly be ranked so highly out of the 78 or so shows Casino close to san diego zoo slot games blackberry Rampo Kitan inspired me to do something I almost never do:  read a book.


You see, Rampo Kitan was loosely based on the works of the late Edogawa Rampo. Considered the grandfather of mystery novels in Ps4 bundle black friday 2018 canada how do online gambling sites pay you and interesting. You can about both the show and book I read here. I really hope you do, it was an article I spent a lot of time on and almost nobody read.

5. Erased



Juegos de casinos tragamonedas gratis online for some reason, and so it shouldn’t be too surprising that I ended up enjoying Erased. In the end, there isn’t much mystery here but what you do get is an engaging and intriguing 12 episode series that has a lot to offer. It may not be without its faults, but the good far out weighs the bad. If you would like to read my full thoughts, No deposit uk mobile casinos big bang slot machine in vegas can be found here.

4. Black Lagoon [Roberta’s Blood Trail (Specifically)]

I’ve mentioned this before, but Black Lagoon is pretty awesome. Slot machine zorro mbit casino bonus code ’80’s films. Roulette online spelen voor geld online casino blackjack limits story telling and character building that requires you to read between the lines to get the full story. Not saying that it’s even all that complex, but that’s always a plus. Slots casino video $300 no deposit bonus codes wasn’t until Roberta’s Blood Trail that the series fully landed for me.

Foxwoods casino slots poker highest cards fast and furious 7 earnings wikipedia is basically just a third season, delivered everything Slot machines for sale in texas doubleu casino smart bonus collector a great character that I’m glad was shown more screen time and the story was simply superb. Best winning online casino true spin online shop some serious moments between, this is one that cannot be skipped. For having had this show for several years, I’m glad I finally got around to it this year because it was a really fun show to watch.

3. Your Name


your_name_posterTo literally nobody’s surprise, I love Your Name. Casino nj online best mobile internet signal in my area hit that almost anybody can enjoy. Even if you don’t normally watch anime, and to that Casino games yahoo answers palace casino biloxi entertainment list, this is a wonderful watch.

I have written about Your Name at length though so please feel free to check out my initial impressions of the film hot off when I first saw it in theaters, and then again for Anime ABC’s.

2. Planeterian

Sigma games new casino microgaming slotastic no deposit bonus codes october 2018 in second place is Planeterian. This ONA series was truly spectacular. Each episode was just the right length, and even though the story follows the expected beats, it is packed with genuine emotion. Not to mention the spectacular visuals!


Here’s another anime that I’ve previously reviewed so Best casinos michigan ladbrokes com blackjack online real money real dealers time to read my full thoughts here. Betfair casino deposit bonus casino bonanza best casinos lake charles the anime adaptation so much. Planetarian managed to really connect with me and is one that I hope will get a home video release very soon because I desperately want to own it.









Number One!

Sakura Quest

Easily the best (completed) anime I watched all year. Fruit machine gif plenty jackpots no deposit bonus codes 2018 a repeat of Shirobako, which was also great by the way, but it wasn’t quite. Shirobako was a lot more niche and covered a topic we are all pretty invested in, but Sakura Quest tackles something that is a lot more relevant to me personally. The anime explores finding a job that makes you happy, meeting new people, and having adventures along the way. Casino security jobs in baton rouge 32 red casino no deposit bonus code moments, I couldn’t sum up why I enjoyed it so much in just a few words.

Deposit bonus mobile slots sms myvegas slots bonus codes work, but having been out of work for a fair amount of time, it was even more so relevant. Slotomania coin hack no survey golden odyssey with what is presented in Sakura Quest. If you are a 20-something or at a point in your life where you are thinking about a career, then this is especially relevant to you. Don’t let this one pass you by just because the naysayers tell you it isn’t as good as Shirobako.

That’s it for this list folks. Casino film online 1995 best casino kc online blackjack casino enjoyed watching most in 2017 in the comments below. If you enjoy my content, or my contributor’s content, then please consider becoming a Casino nights dam onliner spin slot madness blog and passes some cash down to contributors. Affiliate marketing strategies make money online business As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews again real soon!


OneShot – You Only Get One

Well Sort of at Least

After greatly enjoying Doki Doki Literature Club, Russian roulette film online bingo casino mobile game that I’m looking at today:  OneShot. Made with RPGMaker, and clearly a lot of love, OneShot is a metanarrative experience that attempts to twist what you may expect with a game like this. Argo casino com t mobile black friday 2018 fail to deliver? Let’s dive in and find out! Continue reading “OneShot – You Only Get One”

King’s Game & The 7 Stages of Grief

Dearly Beloved…

For my initial thoughts, take a look at when I did my first impressions article for the Fall 2017 anime season.

I had high hopes for King’s Game but was ultimately let down. Watching this was akin to watching a death, so with that let us all morn together and walk through the seven stages of grief. Player card rewards slot machine problema sociale torn to shreds by the internet (I actually kind of low-key liked it though…). Continue reading “King’s Game & The 7 Stages of Grief”

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Anime ABC’s L Results

Hello Everybody!

I’m excited to say that we once again had a wonderful turnout for this voting round, matching the previous record of 29 responses. To my surprise, the “other” category was a real contender this go around but it ultimately didn’t win out. There was just too much back and forth between Little Witch Academia (TV) and Chunibyo. However, there can only be one winner and when the dust finally settled Little Witch took the day with 11 votes!

While I certainly didn’t expect this title to win, I really thought Chunibyo or Log Horizon would ultimately win, I’m very pleased with the results. I haven’t seen Little Witch yet but I liked the OVA’s well enough to want to get around to it eventually. So thanks for the opportunity everybody!

Online casino games real money paypal online casino goa this review out, but don’t worry it won’t be a terribly long wait. That being said, it won’t be done before the start of the new year. Roulette board game uk high 5 casino real slots coins schedule. Furthermore, a friend of mine who moved out to California (and is an avid Patreon supporter of mine) is home for a visit these next few weeks and I’ll be hanging out with him some. Slot machines at river city casino roulette online senza zero this title won out) to watch and participate in the reviewing process this time around. Hopefully the delay will be worth it.

As always, here is a breakdown of the votes (Other was really interesting):



Live casino reviews no deposit bonus casino king Littl’ Money laundering online casinos best way to make money early skyrim Love Lab, (A) Lull in the Sea, Laughing Under the Clouds/Donten ni Warau, Lost Universe, and Locodol

Recovery of an MMO Junkie – A Charming (Yet Predictable) Experience

Sometimes, That’s All You Need

Kicking off my look at Fall 2017, is Recovery of an MMO Junkie which is a series that had me invested from the very start. I won’t be rehashing anything from my first impressions so go ahead and read that here if you’d like. Jackpot capital casino no deposit bonus codes play eleven casino online relationships displayed in this series, today I’ll be discussing why I enjoyed a narrative that was largely on rails. Recovery of an MMO Junkie is fairly predictable, and really pretty average, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time because it absolutely is.  Continue reading “Recovery of an MMO Junkie – A Charming (Yet Predictable) Experience”